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Your Family Dentist in Destin, FL

We welcome you and your family to Destin Harbor Dental. Our warm and inviting dental clinic will reassure you that you're in great hands. From your little one's very first checkup (yes, we offer pediatric dentistry services!) to the more senior members of your family we serve them all.

Regular Dental Office Visits are Key!

With regular cleanings and oral check-ups you can prevent more serious issues. Maintain your pearly whites with regularly scheduled 6-month check-ups. If we discover a cavity or a nerve that needs attention we offer fillings, as well as root canals here.
Are you new to the Destin area or are you looking for a new dentist? We are accepting New Patients!


Dental Care

  • Cleanings

  • Oral exams

  • Nutritional counseling

  • Oral hygiene Instructions

  • TMJ treatments

Dental Care

  • Fillings: traditional and cosmetic

  • Teeth whitening

  • Crowns and bridges, Veneers

  • Root canals

  • Extractions

  • Partials and Dentures

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What types of vitamins and minerals will help improve my oral health?

With the right vitamin and mineral consumption and effective dental care, your oral health could be significantly improved. Try to increase your intake of the following:

  1. Calcium - It’s essential that your diet is packed full of dairy products, tinned salmon, almonds and dark green leafy vegetables.

  2. Vitamin D - Your intake of Vitamin D helps the body's absorption of Calcium, making it equally as important. Moderate sun exposure, nutritional supplements, fatty fish, and foods which have been fortified with vitamin D such as cereals and egg yolks.

  3. Phosphorus - Food rich in this essential mineral include turkey, tuna, and sunflower seeds. And since these foods are high in protein, the absorption of this vital mineral is highly successful.

  4. ​In order to keep your oral health on track - strong, pearly white teeth - calcium, vitamin D, and phosphorus are essential.

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